Erwin Gomez

Celebrity Stylist, Makeup & Eyebrow Guru 

Erwin Gomez is a Celebrity Stylist / Makeup & Eyebrow Guru and is a prominent fixture on the international fashion scene. He has worked with many prominent celebrities in television, publishing and politics. Barbara Bush, daughter of President George W. Bush states that Erwin is "Mr. Brow Genius". Barbara's sister Jenna proclaims Erwin as "amazing".


Doug Fisher

Beverage Director 

Born and raised in New York, Doug has spent the better part of three decades in the food and beverage industry.  After spending some time as a special education provider in the South Bronx and then as a real estate agent in Manhattan, he rediscovered his passion for food and beverage in California after moving to San Diego with his wife.  Following a brief stint in the San Francisco Bay Area, Doug returned to the East Coast with his now family of four.  Since moving to Washington, D.C., Doug has enjoyed becoming part of such a thriving food and beverage culture.  He looks forward to growing and maturing within this competitive, yet tightly knit community of professionals.


Devin Hoffman

Creative Director 

After graduating from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Devin moved to Washington, D.C. to start her career. After working in fashion styling and PR representing hospitality, nightlife and fashion accounts, she sought out opportunities where she could continue to combine all of her interests. She started with rebranding the social media at Heist, to being in creative control of the entire nightlife brand, and then to becoming creative director of the hospitality firm at Versus Equity.



Vinoda Basnayake

Founder and Principal